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We believe access to earned money should be in control of those who earn it, which is why employees shouldn’t have to wait for a payday set by their employers. With our service, you choose your payday when you need it – you’re the boss of your earnings. This model has already gained momentum in the US and UK, across businesses like McDonalds, Uber, Amazon, and PayPal.

It’s time to start the movement in your company today.

Paytime is an employer-provided benefit, so it’s up to your company to offer Paytime to you and your colleagues. This is why we’ve created the Paytition – a quick and easy form for you to complete that allows us to inform your employer about Paytime and its benefits.

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Benefits for Employees

  • Less financial stress with access to money when you need it
  • Be in control of your finances
  • It’s not a loan, so no interest and nothing to repay
  • Improved wellbeing1

Benefits for Employers

  • No cost to the company, and no changes to payroll
  • Retain and recruit top talent2
  • Greater wellbeing for employees3
  • Higher productivity4

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1) 83% Agree their wellbeing would increase if they could access their earned pay when it suits them

2) 7 in 10 Aussie workers would choose one employer over another if they offered Paytime.

3) 8 in 10 Aussies would feel happier about their workplace if they could access their earned pay when it suits them.

4) 7 in 10 Aussies would be more productive at work if they could access their earned pay when they need it.