We believe people should have access to their money as they earn it

This is why we’ve created the Paytition – a quick and easy form for you to complete that allows us to inform your employer about Paytime and its benefits.

Seize Your Earned Pay!

Paytition is an initiative to help employees access their pay when they need it, without any change to their employer’s payroll system. This model has already gained momentum in the US and UK, across businesses like McDonalds, Uber, Amazon, and PayPal.

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You can now access your pay any time, with Paytime!

Your earned wages available to you.
Any time, anywhere, not only for emergencies

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee

Paytime’s peace of mind goes far beyond emergency funds

Being in control of your finances

Capacity to absorb emergency expenses

Avoid overdraft fees

Stay away from high interest loans

Higher performance at work