Financial and Mental Wellbeing in your workplace

Put your employees back in control

Financial stress could be impacting your workforce more than you think

Of employees are financially stressed and they take:

3.2 More Days Per Year

Spent dealing with finances at work

2.4 More Sick Days per year

Higher leave from work due to illness

Costing Australian employers ~$31B in lost productivity

Financial stress grows into a vicious cycle..

..that results in a debt spiral and plethora of mental health issues

Although many resources are available publicly and the workplace, there are still significant challenges

Social Stigma

Only 1 in 2 of those experiencing mental health issues raise their concern

EAP* Ineffective

66% of employees do not see theirs as effective, with only 5% usage rates in some industries

Note: Beyond Blue is Australia’s largest mental health organisation; EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program

The Paytime app makes available FREE Mental Health and Financial Wellbeing resources to those in need, in 100% privacy of ones phone

carefully selected
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resources covering money management, healthy eating, exercise, workplace anxiety/ stress, and more
phone and video helplines
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at a click of a button

Chat to a financial counsellor

Budgeting and Forecasting Tool

‘Pay yourself first’ savings program

Cash Rewards & Loyalty

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