Work today, Paid today!

No one should wait 15-30 days to receive their hard-earned pay

Work today,
Paid today!

No one should wait 15-30 days to receive their hard-earned pay

We are here to create a fairer, brighter, financial reality

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Access your pay any time, with Paytime.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Employees

Who is Paytime?

Paytime is an Australian HR-Fintech with the mission to create a fairer and brighter financial reality for all Australian employees.
We do this by enabling you, the Australian employee, to have access to your earned wages on an on-demand basis so you will never need to access emergency loans caused by having to wait for pay day. Even if you don’t need a loan, Paytime simply allows you to access your earned wages anytime, anywhere. Work today, paid today!

Is Paytime a loan?

No, Paytime is not a loan. Paytime is simply advancing your earned wages before pay day. You can only withdraw your ‘earned’ wages and no more, so there is no lending. This is why there are no interest rates, late fees, and credit checks.

How do I join Paytime (as an employee)?

You can only join Paytime if your employer has teamed up with us to extend OnDemand Wage Access for its employee base.
If you want access to your earned wages on-demand, get in touch with us at and we’ll arrange your employer to be onboarded to get you started!
Those who help us ‘activate’ their employers will receive an Ambassador status on their Paytime account that effectively waives any access fee for 3 months.

How much money can I withdraw from Paytime?

You can typically withdraw up to 50% of your earned wages (sometimes higher subject to your employer’s discretion).

Will Paytime encourage me to spend more and save less?

The Paytime solution has been designed to simply provide you access to your earned wages. It has not been designed to encourage you to spend more.
A big part of the Paytime solution is dedicated to elevating and empowering our users to save more and spend responsibly – check out the articles and the various tools that are available for you to use, for free!

How fast can I get my money using Paytime?

You will receive your money within minutes of your request 24/7 (if your bank supports OSKO, Australia’s real-time payments platform), or within 24 hours otherwise.

FAQs for Employers

How do I join Paytime (as an employer)?

Get in touch with one of our teams to arrange a demo! The onboarding process is very quick and simple with no changes to your existing payroll process.

Do I need to pay for my employees to use Paytime?

We charge a small flat withdrawal fee (akin to an ATM fee) each time an employee accesses their wages early. This fee can be borne either by the employee, the employer, or a mix of both (subsidy model).

How easy is it to integrate Paytime into my payroll?

The integration is simple and quick. Paytime is a SaaS platform that can be easily integrated with your ERP, Payroll, and Timekeeping systems utilising an Application Programming Interface (API). Our team will work with you and lead the required technical integration work and make sure the program works smoothly.
We also have a self-service model for smaller companies who may do all their payroll and timekeeping manually or that utilise off-the-shelves accounting software (e.g. Xero, MYOB).
Our Tech team will be on the ground to lead and manage the integration on your behalf.
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