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Provide On-Demand Pay to your employees if you’re looking to improve retention and productivity!

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Improve Employee Retention With Earned Wage Access

If you’re looking to introduce a cost-effective benefit that improves employee retention through reduced employee turnover and supports employees’ financial wellness, look no further than Earned Wage Access (EWA).

What is Earned Wage Access?

On-demand pay — also known as Earned Wage Access — gives employees access to their earned pay before the traditional, scheduled payday. With an on-demand pay benefit, employers provide greater financial wellness support for employees, leading to happier and more productive employees. It enables employees to unlock funds that they have already earned, without the need for a costly loan.

Financial Stress is Real

Over 50% of Aussie workers are now living paycheque to paycheque, so any unexpected expenses cause significant stress. 1 in 3 people no longer have $500 to cover an emergency. This financial stress has proven to lead to lower productivity at work and higher staff turnover.

To help reduce financial stress, companies can offer Earned Wage Access alongside our Employee Financial Wellbeing tools; which incorporates financial education materials; forecasting & budgeting tools; savings goals; and free access to qualified financial councillors, for their staff.

Earned Wage Access has proven (via independent research) to assist people in better managing their money which results in a significant reduction in the number of people relying on payday loans and other forms of debt, whilst being a key attraction and retention tool for companies.

The Benefits for You and Your Employees are Clear

of employees will stay longer in a company that offers On-Demand Pay.
Source: EWA Digital Solution Research
of employees said they have a greater sense of financial control after using On-Demand Pay.
Source: Worker Topline Report
reduction in employee turnover experienced by companies after offering On-Demand pay.
Source: Insights for Professionals Report

Save Time and Money with On-Demand Pay

If you’re looking to introduce a cost-effective benefit that moves the needle, you’ve come to the right place. Paytime saves your organization time and money.

How Much Can Your Company Save?

Adjust your number of employees, turnover rate, and cost per new hire to see your estimated annual savings.

How many employees do you have?

10 50,000

Average hourly rate

$5 $500

Average annual staff turnover

0% 100%

Estimated employer savings



Disclaimer: Calculations based on assumptions and annualised averages

With Paytime, you can deliver On-Demand Pay without changing your payroll process.

When an employee takes money out of their earned pay, Paytime does all the hard work; sending the money to the employee (using our own funds, so there is no impact on your cashflow) and automatically logging the withdrawal & fees in your payroll system.

When payday comes, your employees receive their wages with any withdrawals and fees shown as deductions. So all you have to do is simply run payroll as you usually would and we’ll take care of the rest.

Myth: Giving employees real-time access to their pay will result in abuse and them chasing their tails

When Earned Wage Access is available in the workplace:

ADP Payroll 2022 survey by Aite-Novarica Research

reduced or stopped using consumer loans
0 %
reduced or stopped going into overdraft on their account
0 %
How can this be?
Let’s look at the usage of EWA​
% breakdown of EWA usage
“EWA is a flexible and sustainable tool to managing employees’ finances”
- JP Morgan 2022 Report

Source: Aite-Novarica Research commissioned by ADP Payroll 2022

The Paytime Impact

“Added no extra work for our team”

Paytime added no extra work for our team, it's a simple process that doesn't even take 30 seconds every payroll.
Stephanie Mackey
Payroll Officer

“Getting Paytime was a no brainer”

Getting Paytime was a no brainer - helping our staff with financial flexibility at zero cost was an easy decision.
Howard Herman

“Everything has been set up for us”

We just download the data from the system, it takes just a few minutes, Paytime has set up everything - it so easy for us.
Ethan Reid
Control Officer

“Paytime saved me a lot of work”

We no longer have to run payroll early or set up deductions for loans as many of our workers approach me for advances.
Lisa McConachie
GM Finance

Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Employers

A service that enables workers to access their earned wages on an on-demand basis, as opposed to having to wait 2-4 weeks for their payday.

For illustration purposes, let’s say Tim earns $50 per hour and is scheduled to work 100 hours this month. Tim usually gets paid once a month. Two weeks went by and he has worked 50 hours. He has earned himself $2500 but still has to wait until the end of the month to get his wages paid. With Paytime’s Earned Wage Access solution, he is able to withdraw his earned wages any time (be it daily or weekly) as he completes his work.

This is also referred to Early Wage Access, On-Demand Pay, or Wage Streaming.

Get in touch with one of our teams to arrange a demo! The onboarding process is very quick and simple with no changes to your existing payroll process.

We charge a small flat withdrawal fee (akin to an ATM fee) each time an employee accesses their wages early. This fee can be borne either by the employee, the employer, or a mix of both (subsidy model).

The integration is simple and quick. Paytime is a SaaS platform that can be easily integrated with your ERP, Payroll, and Timekeeping systems utilising an Application Programming Interface (API). Our team will work with you and lead the required technical integration work and make sure the program works smoothly.

We also have a self-service model for smaller companies who may do all their payroll and timekeeping manually or that utilise off-the-shelves accounting software (e.g. Xero, MYOB).

Our Tech team will be on the ground to lead and manage the integration on your behalf.

FAQs for Employees

Paytime is an Australian HR-Fintech with the mission to create a fairer and brighter financial reality for all Australian employees.

We do this by enabling you, the Australian employee, to have access to your earned wages on an on-demand basis so you will never need to access emergency loans caused by having to wait for pay day. Even if you don’t need a loan, Paytime simply allows you to access your earned wages anytime, anywhere. Work today, paid today!

No, Paytime is not a loan. Paytime is simply advancing your earned wages before pay day. You can only withdraw your ‘earned’ wages and no more, so there is no lending. This is why there are no interest rates, late fees, and credit checks.

You can only join Paytime if your employer has teamed up with us to extend OnDemand Wage Access for its employee base.

If you want access to your earned wages on-demand, get in touch with us at and we’ll arrange your employer to be onboarded to get you started!

Those who help us ‘activate’ their employers will receive an Ambassador status on their Paytime account that effectively waives any access fee for 3 months.

You can typically withdraw up to 50% of your earned wages (sometimes higher subject to your employer’s discretion).

The Paytime solution has been designed to simply provide you access to your earned wages. It has not been designed to encourage you to spend more.
A big part of the Paytime solution is dedicated to elevating and empowering our users to save more and spend responsibly – check out the articles and the various tools that are available for you to use, for free!

You will receive your money within minutes of your request 24/7 (if your bank supports OSKO, Australia’s real-time payments platform), or within 24 hours otherwise.

Earned Wage Access (EWA) is financial wellness solution that is gaining strong support across the world. Earned Wage Access gives employees an ability to access to their wages/salary that they have already earned without having to wait until their next payday. For millions of Australians, there is a mismatch between the weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay cycle and the daily expenses not to mention the unexpected expenses that crop up that need to be met.

The mistiming of income versus expenses often creates a personal cash flow shortfall which can only be dealt with by either missing these payments or entering into high-interest payday loans; credit cards or even buy now pay later offerings, which invariably put people further into the negative.

Earned Wage Access is not a pay advance (an advance by definition is a loan). EWA simply gives employees access to money that is already theirs. There are no credit checks, no interest charges and nothing to pay back!

Employees work is completed in real-time, so why can’t they get their wages in real-time?

EWA plays a vital role in solving this issue, although it is often misunderstood, to the detriment of both employees and their employers.

EWA is an excellent solution because employers don’t have to change anything in the way they currently run payroll nor is there any change in the way time and attendance is run. Payroll operates as usual; it all integrates seamlessly. The technology works seamlessly in the background.

Employees are already struggling with the mismatch because their pay does not match their bills and other unexpected expenses, so EWA allows them to flexibly access their earned wages when and if they need it, saving potentially hundreds of dollars a quarter in fees and interest from other less ethical sources. Even those that don’t necessarily need this money are utilizing it effectively by simply accessing their pay regularily to put into their mortgage offset account; choosing to save it or even investing the money and getting a return.

Research has proven that EWA is also a big benefit to employers. Staff are more likely to remain with their employer longer, be more engaged and be more productive on the job.

Earned Wage Access (EWA) addresses the need for employees to have increasingly flexible access to their earned wages. Staff living paycheck to paycheck (50% of Australians) are reliant on their next payday. EWA reduces this reliance by allowing employees to visualise, track and drawdown on their earned (but unpaid) wages, whenever they like. When an unexpected bill or expense arrives, instead of stressing and eventually having to turn to credit or a dangerous payday loan, credit card or even a buy now pay later option, they can instead access a portion of their earned wages to cover any shortfall.

Various case studies from major international markets have delivered a clear verdict on EWA:
• There is a 20%+ increase in hours worked, by shift workers due to a more substantial effort-to-reward link;
• 25% reduction in employee turnover; and
• A 15% lower absenteeism.

Furthermore, a report from Visa shows that 79% of surveyed workers are more willing to switch to employers already offering EWA.

Additionally, EWA can provide a meaningful differentiation point for employers with near-wage parity, where other employment enhancements are crucial to attracting and retaining staff.

An Ernst & Young report found that almost 60% of employees would view a potential employer in a better light if EWA were offered as a benefit of the job.

Paytime and EWA addresses a larger problem than just financial wellbeing. Mental health is a severe issue that workplaces need to address, not only to get the best out of their people but as a duty of care to the community they serve and support. Currently, the support systems put in place by corporates are often inadequate and struggle to deliver a solution that targets the underlying issue. With financial stress being one of the key ingredients to mental health, if businesses are not focusing on a solution to assist staff with their financial stress, by offering EWA, coupled with financial tools such as budgeting tools; access to financial councilors and resources to a healthy better lifestyle (all offered by Paytime) then Employee Assistance Packages (EAP) that only focus on the mental health aspect will be only assisting with half the problem, so many employees are facing in their day to day lives, being financial stress.

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Increased hours worked due to stronger effort/reward link
Reduction in employee turnover
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