3 Ways to Boost Morale This Year

2021 has undoubtedly been a year to remember (or forget!). Even the best of us need a boost of motivation and a kick to our mood at times. So, in a year filled with so many difficulties and distractions, taking some time to proactively manage the frame of mind of your teams can be incredibly beneficial in a range of ways. Having said that, let’s look at four simple ways to boost morale across your business, teams and employees.

Way #1: Recognise and Celebrate Little Victories

It makes sense to make a big fuss out of celebrating substantial, sometimes company-changing victories. However, how often do these really eventuate? Furthermore, how can you expect big wins when your staff are unmotivated along the way? Especially relevant in times of struggle, recognising small successes is a worthwhile thing to do. The frequent energy injections will help your team stay motivated and keep their eyes on the prize. How you do this is up to you, it may come directly from the manager (one-on-one) or involve the whole team (or company). 

Way #2: Proactively Address Employee Loneliness

Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been great for employee connections, for a multitude of reasons. Whether your teams have been laid off, put on hold, working from home, or working reduced hours in the office, loneliness has affected all of us at some point, in some way. Primarily this has impacted office workers that have had to move to remote working, although it has affected almost everyone in some shape or form. 

Most of us have not been able to see friends and family at times, or have even had to isolate and experience a social lockdown for a short or extended period. The workplace can play a role in reducing employee loneliness by encouraging the development of the relationships within your teams. Set up online social events to facilitate your employees getting together as friends outside of work, boosting their morale and keeping their optimism high.

Way #3: Focus on all Types of Wellbeing

If you want to address the underlying driver of your employee’s morale, you need to take stock of their wellbeing. While it’s not your place as an employer to take over your workforce’s personal lives, you can still play a role in providing opportunities to improve their financial wellbeing, among others. Earned Wage Access solutions such as Paytime allow your employees to access their earned wages whenever they want, instead of waiting until payday. 

If your business wants to enable your employees to improve their financial wellbeing, workplace engagement and productivity, contact Paytime today to arrange a free consultation.