Paytime: Australians are Getting their Pay Early in The Lead-up to Christmas

Australians are increasingly having to access their salary days or weeks ahead of payday as workers head into Christmas and the rise in cost of living bites, new data shows.

Specific technology that allows employees to access their pay early has been an option for overseas workers for years and now Australia is joining the revolution.

Local tech firm Paytime now allows employees from any company that signs up to the app to access up to 70 per cent of their earned wages at any point during the month, with the cash deposited into their bank accounts within minutes.

Sydney-based aspiring actor and part-time cashier Antonia, 19, used the app to pay off some overdue uni fees after her employer Supabarn signed onto the platform.

Queensland bartender Matthew Steffan also uses Paytime and said he was planning on accessing his wages early to pay for Christmas presents.

In Australia, along with Supabarn, Hungry Jacks, Aspen Pharmacare, Pizza Hut and McGrath Real Estate is getting on board with the new way to pay.