Paytime Earned Wage Access Now available through Tanda:

– Shift-filling
– Staff productivity
– Staff retention

Give your employees the ability to have real-time access to their earned wages, with no change to your payroll or cashflow.

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A holistic financial wellbeing solution for your employees.
Our four pillars.

Track & Pay

Real-time tracking of earnings, provide instant access to earned wages.


Resources, initiatives and helplines on financial and mental wellbeing.


Various tools to reach their budgeting goals and avoid unnecessary loans.


Easy ‘set-and-forget’ savings programs.

The benefits of
Earned Wage Access
to your Employees.

Increased hours worked due to stronger effort/reward link
Reduction in employee turnover
Lower absenteeism

Businesses using Tanda now have access to Paytime. Give your employees access to mental health and wellbeing resources, in the privacy of their own phone

carefully selected
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resources covering money management, healthy eating, exercise, workplace anxiety/ stress, and more
phone and video helplines
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at a click of a button