2023 Employee Wishlist

As the competition for skilled professionals intensifies in 2023, Australian workers are calling for a broader range of corporate perks that go beyond traditional benefits.

These new perks include wellness packages, financial discounts, and access to their earned wages on demand, all of which are seen as essential for retaining top talent.

According to KPMG’s annual survey of Australian business leaders, 77 per cent of senior executives believe that attracting and retaining talent will be the biggest challenge of the year. In response to this, many employers are rethinking their traditional benefits packages and exploring new, innovative ways to attract and retain the best employees.

This includes offering flexible working arrangements, opportunities for up-skilling and professional development, and a broader range of perks that cater to the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

As the competition for top talent in Australia continues to grow, companies prioritising employee well-being and offering attractive perks and benefits are more likely to attract and retain skilled professionals, ultimately driving business success in 2023 and beyond.

“Australia is currently experiencing its tightest labour market in nearly 50 years, so employees currently have the upper hand in demanding extra benefits,” says Paytime CEO Steven Furman.