Case Study: How popular hospitality venues lured millennial workers and improved business

A case study on how two large QLD hospitality venues innovated their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and improved both employee retention and shift filling with Paytime

Rockys Sports Club and Club Toowoomba are hospitality venues based in Queensland, Australia. Jack Hughes, the CEO of both venues, spent time with Paytime to share his thoughts on our financial wellbeing service – earned wage access.

Q: What made you consider Paytime for your staff?

It’s been a tough time for the hospitality industry (2022) and we’ve felt it in terms of being unable to firstly find staff and secondly retain them. Until recently, we were often forced to shut our bars and venues early as well as reduce our service offering, such as our courtesy bus, due to the lack of permanent staff and difficulty shift filling by casual workers. 

We hire a lot of university students and senior school students so being able to offer them their money straight after a shift is now a huge drawcard. 

We were looking for various employee solutions that could help differentiate us as an employer to these demographics. Paytime has proven to be a great success for the business.


Q: Has there been any change in the Payroll process since Paytime has been implemented? 

This was actually one of my biggest concerns and source of skepticism in the beginning, but true to Paytime’s word, it’s been a very seamless process.

The integration is all automated via APIs with our payroll software and also our time-and-attendance system. There really is nothing additional for my team members to do on the Payroll nor from a Finance perspective. 


Q: What is the uptake since you launched Paytime?

It’s been phenomenal, nearly half of our workforce have already used the service in the first month and we are now finding it much easier to fill shifts and find staff. 

Knowing that one can immediately receive an additional hundred bucks (or more) by picking up a recently opened shift or by accepting to work overtime to help during a busy period makes our staff a lot more open to working more hours when needed!

Paytime has been a great addition to our business, I can highly recommend it to any business with frontline workers.

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