Finance Industry Disruptor Sets Out to End Predatory Loans

CFOs are stepping in to build more financially inclusive and supportive organisations with the help of a new HR fintech solution launched in 2021 by a finance industry disruptor.

Steven Furman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Paytime, an HR fintech that plugs seamlessly into payroll enabling employees to access a portion of their earned pay before pay day

The Sydneysider came up with the concept after realising that about half of Australians are now living pay cheque to pay cheque, many trapped in a cycle of debt perpetrated by predatory consumer loans.

Furman has spent more than 25 years in private equity and advisory, with a key focus on financial services, fintech and payments.

“I wanted to create a technology that seamlessly plugs into payroll that allows employees to access their pay in real time, if and when they need it, to help reduce their financial stress. Financial stress is the leading cause of mental health problems, so solving that problem can go a long way,” Steven Furman, Founder & CEO | Paytime

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