Supabarn Offers On-Demand Wage Access

Independent grocery chain Supabarn is offering workers immediate access to their earned wages and is believed to be the first supermarkets in Australia to do so.

Utilising payroll technology platform Paytime, employees are able to access a portion of their earned pay before pay day.

Supabarn owner Theo Koundouris says offering staff access to their earned wages helped attract talent and has seen quick uptake.

“It’s been hard to find staff with the absence of international student and visa holders the past few years. Now we’re looking for new, innovative ways of doing things to attract and retain our staff,” he says.

“Half of our employees live paycheck to paycheck. In the first week we introduced it we had a huge uptake and very positive feedback.”

Paytime provides businesses with a free technology platform that allows employees the ability to access a portion of their earned pay at any time during the month. It plugs seamlessly into the company’s payroll software and accesses real-time information.

To learn how you could adopt this modern HR solution and make employee wellbeing your employer value proposition, visit Paytime.