Why Early Wage Access Could Be the Key to Retaining Staff

Retail Giant Supabarn Leads the Way In Offering On-demand Wage Access For Employees

Independent grocery chain Supabarn has become the first supermarket in Australia to offer workers immediate access to their earned wages as a rush of retail stores look to new ways of attracting retail staff, amid dire labour shortages in the sector.

Over the past four months alone, payroll technology platform Paytime has seen a 600% surge in enquiries for its offering, which allows employees access to a portion of their earned pay before pay day.

“In the US and UK this is already commonplace in the retail industry with stores like Foot Locker, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many more, already offering it to their staff,” says Steven Furman, Founder & CEO of Paytime.

“Stores are increasingly seeing the value in offering this to their team, both in attracting and retaining staff in a tight labour market,” says Furman.

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